Unique places

Our elaborated program will allow you to see places that fascinate, and places that are not known by everyone. Mysterious caves, refreshing waterfalls, authentic villages, picturesque mountains, and crystal clear lakes are waiting for you to explore.

Instagram pictures

You will get beautiful, stylish, high-quality photos that increase the popularity of your Instagram and amaze friends and subscribers. During our tour, you will feel like a travel blogger.

New travel format

Everything is thought-out to the smallest details and booked for you. We will offer you coaching on how to promote Instagram or start a blog. In our workshops, you will learn how to use photo editing apps, how to dance or cook traditional dishes and much more.

100% unique experience and beautiful pictures

Unique experience

Thanks to our local guides, you will see the places through the eyes of locals. We will capture popular attractions and famous cities, as well as less touristy sights.

Soulful community

We all found ourselves in a situation where we really wanted to go somewhere, but there was no one willing to go with us. Travelling with us ensures that this is not a problem. It is very important for us that all the participants of the tour feel as comfortable as possible, become friends or even business partners.

Professional photographer

Our professional photographers will create stunning pictures of you in urban style and in nature. The entire route is designed to discover the most beautiful places for photo shoots and capture you in this beauty.

No one to go on vacation with? Scared to travel alone? Not in the mood to plan your vacations? You just want to relax?

We take care of everything

We thought through every little detail, selected the best hotels, the most photogenic places, the most interesting and cheerful local guides, invited fashionable photographers who know how to enhance your beauty.

We will take you to the best places and the most famous thermal spas. We know what you need for high-quality and active recreation. We will help you to relax the body and soul and see the beauty of the country from all sides.

In great company of congenial people, we will travel with you around cities and natural sights, learn how to cook local dishes, go shopping, chat in cafes and take great pictures!

Want some diversity in life?

With us, you will get it

We will contact you as soon as possible to answer all your questions.

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